Algebra Review Workshop

Algebra Review Workshop

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Need help with Algebra? We’ve got you covered!

It’s no secret that COVID-19 brought some major disruptions to the education world… For some students, these disruptions hit right during the most important classes of their math careers: Algebra I and II! Unfortunately, weak algebra fundamentals can cause problems in later math classes in high school and college–not to mention lower SAT and ACT scores!

That’s where we come in! We are launching a brand-new class designed to help re-teach students all of the important lessons from Algebra I and Algebra II. Our once-a-week class starts with an hour of dynamic, clear instruction followed by an hour-long homework lab and workshop with personalized help.

From systems to quadratics to complex numbers and beyond, we’ll be teaching it all… Classes are taught by our award-winning instructors and topics covered will be individualized and determined by what students need and want!

Whether you need to remediate past math weaknesses, strengthen your current class, or just keep your skills sharp, this class is for you.  Regardless of your algebra experience, our math experts and teaching assistants are ready to take your algebra skills to the next level. Call or email us today for more details!

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