Emily Chaiet

BTS helps me achieve my goals so that I could get into my dream school. I’m so thankful for Mike and Adam’s help.

Emily ChaietAttending Northwestern University
Cole Winton

BTS is absolutely the reason I was able to improve my SAT score so much. They have the test down to a science, and all you need to do to get a great score is just follow their formula.

Cole WintonAttending Duke University
Simon Santurian

At Broward Tutorial Services I found not only fantastic ACT classes, but fantastic professors that made it enjoyable.

Simon SanturianAttending John's Hopkins University
Andres Preschel

What I like most about BTS was the way i could transform from group learning to private lessons so that I could get a basic understanding of each lesson. I could figure out what I did and didn’t understand and the review it in the private lessons. This is what made the difference in my scores. To have such an amazing couple of tutors was a blessing. Thank you so much, Mike and Adam. The 45 minute drive every Sunday was well worth it.

Andres PreschelAttending University of Miami
Samantha Staropoli

The staff at Broward Tutorial not only helped me improve my score, but helped me achieve my goal of attending the University of Florida as well. Mike was the most amazing tutor, and I couldn’t have done it without him! I would highly recommend BTS to all future students!

Samantha StaropoliAttending The University of Florida
Amy Kulkarni

The guys at Broward Tutorial were incredibly helpful! I had a huge increase in my scores and it definitely gave me a great advantage in the collage application process. I would and have recommended them to many friends.

Amy KulkarniAttending UC Berkeley
Daniyal Mistry

Working with BTS really helped me focus on the area i was having trouble with and really helped me with my reading.

Daniyal MistryAttending The University of Michigan
Bianca Tacher

The entire Broward Tutorial staff allowed me to reach my fullest potential and achieve the score I knew I was capable of scoring. Without Adam and his helpful skills, I would not be attending my dream collage nor receiving the highest level of Bright Futures! Thank you, Adam for helping me achieve my goals.

Bianca TacherAttending The University of Florida
Zach Aponte

Without the help I got from BTS, I would not have been able to score as well as I did. They really helped me get to where I am now.

Zach AponteAttending West Point
Samantha Roberts

I never thought I could break a 30 on the ACT. Raising my score ensured my spot at the school of my dream.

Samantha RobertsAttending the University of Florida
Danielle Bush

Thank you so much Broward Tutorial Services for really helping me to improve my scores. The test taking strategies I learned in group and one-on-one sessions were instrumental to my scores.

Danielle BushAttending The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Rachel Fleischman

It was easy to raise my score 8 points with the help of Mike and Adam with the lessons I learned through them. Time Management is the key.

Rachel FleischmanAttending the University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign
Brett Andjich

Mike and Adam were great to work with. The strategies and practice tests we worked on helped me improve my ACT score in every section.

Brett AndjichAttending The University of Florida
Jake Fuhrman

I am so grateful for all the useful strategist that Mike and Adam taught me. They were crucial to improving my scores.

Jake FuhrmanAttending The University of Florida
Jude Alawa

Mike is not only and incredible teacher but also and incredible person. He always tailors his efforts to the individual in a fun and exciting manner.

Jude AlawaAttending Yale University
Alex Dickinson

Thanks to your hard work, I was able to reach heights I never dreamed possible, You helped me accomplish my goals. It would not have been possible without you. You really made a difference.

Alex DickinsonAttending Princeton University
Alex Bonomo

I would not be going to my dream school without BTS. I am so grateful for everything Mike and BTS did for me. They were the only tutoring service I needed.

Alex BonomoAttending Tulane University