6-Hour Workshops

6-Hour Workshops

Sometimes, a busy student schedule loaded with extra-curriculars makes weekly test-prep classes hard to manage. Sometimes, a test date sneaks up on a student, and time to prep is suddenly running out. Whatever the reasons might be, for a student on a time crunch who needs to learn fast, our 6-hour test prep workshops are a great quick fix to build test confidence and improve scores in a single day!

Our intensive, 6-hour workshops help prepare students to face their upcoming exams with knowledge and confidence. Workshops are held on the Saturday prior to each major test dateand that includes SAT and ACT both.

  • the ins and outs of the test they’ll be taking, including notes on the structure and design of the test
  • lectures and reviews on content they’ll need to succeed
  • general test taking approaches—where to focus their energy, what questions they should answer, and what skills they will need
  • how to recognize and avoid traps, eliminate their mistakes, and maximize what they know
  • how to use your calculator to make the math section easier and quicker
  • patience, pacing and more!